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Sunday, July 3, 2016

'Living with Depression & Anxiety' ~ cover art & design for Amanda Green (@AmandaGreenUK)

Being my second project with Amanda Green, I'm doubly excited to share the cover redress for Living with Depression & Anxiety: 26 ways to get you out of the fog, into the sunshine. I don't know about you, but I'd like to leisurely lay in a meadow while butterflies play among the flowers as a soft breeze blows my fur/hair.  
Amanda Green has lived with depression and anxiety since her teens. Now in her forties, and practising as student counsellor, she would like to share all her best tips and explanations for coping in everyday life. She explains, in easy to read terms, 26 self-help techniques and ideas, to help you through your darkest times, and to help you feel better.

Life enhancing, with thorough explanations, this book could help turn your life around as Amanda has with her own.

This book challenges stigma and inferiority issues, explains talking therapies, and delves into working with depression and anxiety from the inside out, using nutrition, writing, and getting to know yourself properly. It even incorporates how to look for other support including friends, family and animals.

Find your true self today and banish the label of depression and anxiety – learn to cope and feel a part of the world again.

Be sure to follow Amanda Green online for updates about all of her books.

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