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Friday, December 16, 2016

Cover art and design for TRIUMPH, by Ingrid Kern (@Ingrid1Kern) is ready for show.

Available in paperbackhardcover & ebook
I love, Love, LOVE it when an author lets me just go with an idea.

When Ingrid first contacted me on Twitter, then we moved to the live chat window on my site, we kind of came up with a vague, abstract plan of some running shoes and a butterfly or dragonfly to express Victory (which was the title at the time) and freedom which had been gained from running, and she set me loose.

Well, the first two ideas just weren't feeling right (and I know I was stressing her out with the lack of something to show her), so I asked her if I could paint a phoenix instead of a butterfly or dragonfly. She said go for it. (Yea!) Suddenly, my muse woke up and kicked me in gear, which also resulted in a title change.

And this is the result. I had so much fun, too. I can't wait for our next project.

Back cover:

Taming the Monster Within

The author's commitment to overcome her doubts and fears; quiet the voices in her head; and make one of her dreams come true to participate in the Summer Senior Olympics after 49 years of not running at all, takes the reader through some 4 years of her training, her search for answers and her desire to leave the past behind. Finishing 7th with a torn hamstring at The National Games in 2011 ended her career as a Sprinter. 

The book gives the reader a glimpse of what the author, who has been physically, emotionally and psychologically abused as a child, was daily going through to get past the still powerfully looming influence of her father. The physical pain due to a few injuries made her connect to the pain she endured as a child; going deeper and finally receiving psychological help she continued her intense work on taming the monster called FEAR.

Available in paperbackhardcover & ebook

Be sure to connect with Ingrid Kern online, too: 

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
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