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Monday, April 17, 2017

INTO THE ABYSS ~ cover design for Mark Roysdon (@MRoysdonAuthor)

Who's up for some true-crime?
I know my typical project includes both original cover art and design, but this time, the author had taken a couple photos and had a clear plan for me to follow. All I had to do was put the elements together and ready it for print. 
At first, I was a bit unsure about a cover with a greyscale palette but I really think the yellow pops against the grays and works for the genre.
Check out the blurb:
Into The Abyss is the story of Mark's roller coaster life of being a trusted, respected person and member of society to becoming a convicted felon forever changing his status in the same society he must exist in.

During criminal proceedings and after his conviction, Mark never had the opportunity to tell his side of the story.

The victim and his wife, who actually pulled the trigger, told their stories through several media outlets and even on a national daytime television program.
Finally, Mark shares his side without omission or interruption. The journey continues through his incarceration within the confines of The State of Ohio Department of Corrections with many true twist and turns.


Mark Roysdon has more than 20 years working in public safety starting out as a volunteer firefighter at the age of eighteen. When he turned twenty-three, he worked for the U.S. Air Force as a security contractor in a highly sensitive classified program. 

Mark was employed as a Law Enforcement Officer in a busy metropolitan city in Ohio with twelve years of experience. Mark then assumed responsibility in the corporate world as an Investigator conducting criminal and non-criminal investigations spanning both east and west coasts of the United States. After five years, Mark became a victim of corporate downsizing and it was near this point when his downward spiral Into The Abyss began.

These days, Mark and his wife enjoy spending time on the Gulf of Mexico while exploring wildlife.

Don't forget to follow Mark online to stay updated. 😊

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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