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Sunday, September 17, 2017

LAST REAL COWBOY ~ cover design for Kathleen Gibbs (@Kathygauthor) and 4RV Publishing (@4RV)

As the art director for 4RV Publishing, I get to work on all of the books that go through the publishing process in one fashion or another. This time, I created the cover and formatted the interior block (the text).

Historical Fictions are especially fun for me. I'm not much of a historian, myself. Something in my brain shuts off the minute history is presented in a textbook format. But, when history is fed to me in a narrative form, my brain soaks it up. Plus, being an artist, the whole visual panorama was just too enticing. Who doesn't want to visit the wild west and go on a cattle drive?

Now for the blurb:

In 1871, Jonathan Calhoun lives an unfulfilled life working for his father’s magazine company in New York City and attending pretentious social events with his fiancée. Longing for one thrilling adventure in his life before he settles down, he jumps at the job opportunity at the Cripple Creek Cattle Ranch in Armadillo Flats, Texas. He soon realizes this venture might be more than he expected as he changes from an “Easterner” into a real cowboy.

Will he survive the challenges of the change?

Available in hardcover and paperback. ISBN-13 hardcover: 978-1-940310-61-9 ISBN-13 paperback: 978-1-940310-60-2
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Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
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  1. That sounds like a good read; your cover work definitely makes it appealing for a western fan like me.

  2. Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy the book. :D


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