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Saturday, November 3, 2018

BY RIGHT OF ARMS, book one of the Terra Rising series by JT Buckley (@AuthorJTBuckley), is on it's way to being a bestseller; PLUS: 5 Stars from Reader's Favorite Book Reviews

Available in ebookpaperback and hardcover.
JT Buckley, author of By Right of Arms, book one of Terra Rising, just told me yesterday we are this close to being able to claim the status of BESTSELLER. Isn't that awesome? So I thought I'd do my part to help get it there. 

If accomplished, I think By Right of Arms will be my first cover gracing a bestseller (not all of my authors keep me informed). 

Along with this news, JT shared an amazing review he received from Reader's Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest where By Right of Arms received 5 Stars, the highest score they bestow.

Check out what they had to say about By Right of Arms ... and more importantly ... about my contribution ... the score my cover earned ... I'm an artist ... of course, I'm gonna make it all about me, lol. 😜

But first, the book's blurb:

The Confederated Nations of Terra receive a shocking distress signal from out of system. Captain Aaron Richardson and the crew of the TNS Intrepid are horrified at what they find after responding to the distress call from Earth’s closest celestial neighbor, Alpha Centauri. What they discover launches them into a new universe of political and military intrigue. Using ancient legends, they forge Earth’s position in the Principean Empire and discover the secrets of Earth’s distant past. Thwarted at every turn by pirates, they must fight a race of aliens who are intent on killing all humans and destroying the Earth. Unable to do it alone, they must seek assistance of new allies to save their home.

Appearance: 5
The appearance of a book can make a significant impact on the experience of a reader, whose enjoyment is often enhanced by an enticing cover, an intriguing table of contents, interesting chapter headings, and when possible, eye-catching illustrations.

Plot: 5
The characters of a book should be well defined with strengths and flaws, and while they do not have to be likable, the reader does have to be able to form a connection with them. The tone should be consistent, the theme should be clear, and the plot should be original or told from a unique perspective. For informative books --those without plot and characters--this rating refers primarily to your concept and how well you presented it. 

Development: 5
Development refers to how effectively you told your story or discussed your topic. The dialogue should be realistic, the descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise and coherent. Organization is also a key factor, especially for informative books -- those without plot and characters. The order in which you tell your story or explain your topic and how smoothly it flows can have a huge impact on the reader's understanding and enjoyment of the material.

Formatting: 5
Formatting is the single most overlooked area by authors. The way in which you describe scenes, display dialogue and shift point of view can make or break your story. In addition, excessive grammatical errors and typos can give your book an amateurish feel and even put off readers completely.

Marketability: 5
Marketability refers to how effectively you wrote your book for your target audience. Authors may include content that is above or below the understanding of their target reader or includes concepts, opinions or language that can accidentally confuse or alienate some readers. Although by its nature this rating is very subjective, a very low rating here and poor reviews may indicate an issue with your book in this area.

Overall Opinion: 5
The overall starred rating takes into account all these elements and describes the overall reading experience of your reviewer. This is 5 the official Readers' Favorite review rating for your book.

Reviewed by Stephen Fisher for Readers' Favorite 

By Right of Arms by J.T. Buckley is a sci-fi space adventure that begins when a young lieutenant discovers a tight beam broadcasting a radio signal from outside our solar system. Alien contact from Alpha Centauri. The admiral in charge of Operation Outreach contacts Earth's most decorated captain, Aaron Richardson, and assigns him to take command of the Intrepid, the first spaceship with hyperdrive capability, to investigate. The captain then embarks on a mission with a handpicked crew to rescue a planet of humanoids from space pirates. Afterward, they discover pyramids and that the planet's ruler is half Terran. Queen Amalthia (Amy) and Aaron are immediately attracted to each other, but duty calls. Assuming the position of Primus, Richardson becomes the Chief Emissary and military leader of Earth's position in the new solar system.

Mr. Buckley does an outstanding job of moving this stellar intergalactic adventure along as more worlds and governments become involved from both solar systems. When Amy was first introduced, I was reminded a little of a cross between Star Wars and Avatar because of her pale blue skin, as well as the armored marines. Throw in some soldiers with Jedi type skills, but that's where any similarities stop. J.T. creates interstellar romances amidst governments and more worlds, complete with an Emperor, villains, and traitors. After all of the preliminary background and plots were set, the pages began turning faster and faster with the various trials and tribulations of the many heroes in the story. No science fiction can be complete without paying attention to the details of space travel, navigation, and combat sequences. By Right of Arms delivers on all levels. Bravo!

Devotees of old-style space adventure should like this novel. - Piers Anthony

BY RIGHT OF ARMS, by J. T. Buckley, is a well-plotted action novel set in the future when space travel, trade, and war are common. Mr. Buckley has an easy-to-read style that helps the reader deal with the many different celestial locations, empires, and space pirates. This book is interesting and well worth reading. Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

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