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Thursday, May 2, 2019

SUBLIMATION; cover art and design for CD/album by A Little Fire Scarecrow (Coraline Ada Ehmke @CoralineAda)

Available widely on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play soon.
Title treatment may be different when purchased.
I'm excited to share my latest project with all of you. Unlike most of my commissions, the cover art and design for Sublimation, an album by A Little Fire Scarecrow, (AKA Coraline Ada Ehmke, @CoralineAda on Twitter) will be available for purchase soon.

I met Coraline on Twitter, which is how I meet most of my clients. We got to talking about her art needs for her newest album. After a bit of back and forth, I learned she had sketched something that captures the emotions that inspired this album. Using her sketch as a guide, I set to recreating my own interpretation of it. (See below.)

*Title treatment may be different when purchased. Client had a different aesthetic and you wanted to match an existing brand-look. The client gets what the client wants, of course, but I was given permission to show my version, as well, in my folio and promos. Thanks, Coraline :).

Here's a closer look at the art, minus title treatment:

bio: A Little Fire Scarecrow is a recording project by Coraline Ada Ehmke, a transgender musician who writes, records, and produces from her home studio in Chicago. Coraline sings, plays bass, guitar, keyboards, and a variety of folk instruments, and her music features occasional contributions from Kevin Chatham (bass) and Alva Snædís (guitar and bass).

Coraline believes that music is literature. Every song is a story told in words and sounds, the music painting a landscape, creating a sense of space and place. Her style encompasses rich layers superimposed on each other to create a distinctive, other-worldly quality. She draws inspiration from Legendary Pink Dots, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Swans, Gary Numan, and a number of post-rock, chamber psych, and old-school goth artists.

original sketch by Coraline Ada Ehmke
Coraline has released several albums, all available widely on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play. You can hear samples and get links to listen or buy at alittlefirescarecrow.com. She is also co-author (with Naomi Freeman) of the book The Compassionate Coder, a guide to practicing empathy as a software developer. You can learn more about the book at compassionatecoder.com. Visit Coraline's website to learn more about this diverse creative.

Be sure to follow Coraline online to keep track of news and special events:

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Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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*Blurbs and quotes provided are not edited by WillowRaven but posted as provided by author/publisher.

*All art and designs in this post were created by myself unless otherwise noted even if some images have been replaced with newer ones to keep post current with my portfolio.

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