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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

BURNT OFFERING, by Vivian Zabel (@VivianZabel) & 4RV Publishing (@4RV), Given 5 Stars by Readers' Favorite

The following post was borrowed with permission from Vivian Zabel and 4RV Publishing.

  Burnt Offering 
reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

     Hadara is the daughter of a rich Egyptian and married to Tzabar, a cruel and conniving man. King Ahaz of Judah believed in idols and not the one true God. He and Tzabar, together in their evil ways, killed children by placing them in bronze idols and burning them alive. This caused many to flee and hide to protect their children and their religious beliefs. Hadara left the home of Tzabar in the middle of the night, taking her son and others of the household and she did her best to protect all of them. 
     Burnt Offering has much romance as each person finds love and marries but there is much danger as well. There are those worshipers of the idols and those who believe there is only one God and are ready to fight to prove that their beliefs are the right ones. When Hezekiah, who has been in hiding for many years, becomes the new king, many changes take place, but the fighting and killing still continue.
     Burnt Offering by Vivian Zabel takes place in the eighth century,
beginning in 720 BC. The story brings the Old Testament alive and depicts a way of life so very different than anything we can imagine. There are many characters in this book and each plays an important role in telling the story. Burnt Offering has enough suspense and romance to keep you reading long into the night.
     Vivian Zabel is a master of words and turns them into vivid pictures as she takes us very far back in time. Burnt Offering fits into so many genres that I can only say I do not think there is anyone who will not enjoy reading this book. It is a page-turner.

      After receiving the review shared above, I wanted to tell everyone. The novel is also entered in Readers' Favorite book competition, but I won't know the results until September 2020 -- Wow! What a long time to wait.

This end's Vivian's post and where mine begins ...

Is there anything more fun than portraying a horrifying deity and the terrifying reality of what humanity is capable of doing in the name of religion? Or is that just me?


Throughout history, almost every people/nation worshiped idols at one time or another. During the 8th Century BCE, King Ahaz of Judah followed pagan worship by offering burnt offerings of children, his and others, to Moleck. Pressure on the king’s subjects provided many offerings and over-zealous action to find more sacrifices on the part of his advisors and nobles.

After viewing the brutal offering of the king’s infant son, Hadara could never forget the baby’s screams, the sight of the tiny body turning crisp, the smell of burning flesh. She sent her son and his family to Egypt so they would be safe. But, the question remained: Should she endanger herself and the rest her household to help other mothers and their children escape from Moleck’s fire?

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