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Saturday, August 31, 2019

GEHENNA RISES ~ cover art and design for Julian Boote (@JulianBoote) and check out the awesome reviews it's received from KIRKUS REVIEW (@kirkusreviews) and READER'S FAVORITE (@ReadersFavorite) ...

available in hardcover, paperback & ebook
Today's post features another fun project ... ZOMBIES. 

Julian Boote's novel, Gehenna Rises, has been awarded some amazing reviews from both KIRKUS and READER'S FAVORITE.

Kikus said: 
"Smart, invigorating, and, like the best zombie stories, relentlessly creepy."

Reader's Favorite said:
"Simply put, a great read."

photo by Pete Bartlett
Julian Boote is an actor, author, screenwriter and filmmaker with a BA in Film & Art from Reading University in the UK, with a number of short and feature film credits to his name in the roles of producer, screenwriter, and second unit director. In recent years Julian has returned to his first love; acting, and is thriving, garnering a number of notable roles in front of the camera.

Creating stories has been a pleasure for Julian since childhood, and he hasn’t stopped; his current projects being a number of feature scripts.

Back cover blurb ...
available in hardcover, paperback & ebook
The first Spring of the Zombie War, and – for one small enclave of living trapped behind the lines in Britain – the Battle for Survival is about to heat up in the worst way imaginable…

“I saw the Devil... with all his eyes.”

This is the frightening warning given to a rescue team by the sole survivor of a devastated fortified commune, four months on from O-Day; the start of the zombie global pandemic.

For Alec Mitchell and Jennifer Edwards at the Beeston Safe Haven, Cheshire, the nearby commune’s loss raises disquieting questions. While evidence initially indicates an attack by raiders, Mitchell and Edwards’ investigation discovers an altogether more disturbing development. The zombie virus – La Plaga – is adapting, healing its undead hosts. So whatever its injury, a zombie will always rise again.

Alec and Jennifer consider that news bad enough. But the situation turns out to be far, far worse than even they realise. For zombies are but the rotten seeds of a monstrous cadaverous fruit growing nearby. Growing, in fact, everywhere…

We thought we knew what we were dealing with during the Zombie War, only to learn – at terrible cost – how catastrophically wrong we were.

Now, having at last been cleared for public consumption by the Ministry of Population Morale Steering, Gehenna Rises shows us we are very likely wrong again…​

available in hardcover, paperback & ebook
You may notice the cover style doesn't conform to the 'look' of most zombie novels and feels more like a crime-thriller or suspense novel. Being a zombie-thiller, though, I hope the artwork and design will capture enough attention from both target audiences. Let me know if you agree.

And don't forget to follow Julian online to stay up-to-date with all of his creative endeavors... 

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Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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