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Monday, September 16, 2019

LETTERS FROM BLITZ ~ cover art and design for Dan Santos (@dansantosnovels):

What if your best friend crossed the Rainbow Bridge? What if he saw your suffering and wants to send you a message from that magical place to let you know he’s OK? This is the story of a dog named Blitz who changed the Rainbow Bridge forever.

Today's post features something a little different for me. Yes, Letters from Blitz qualifies as a fantasy ... after all, it's about a dog that's met by his Spirit Guide (that has some really cool abilities) as he travels the Rainbow Bridge. A lot happens after that, but I'm not tellin'. Ya gotta read it to find out. 😜

I like to mention what challenges any particular project present, but this one had A LOT, lol.

The 1st challenge was really a genre limitation. The story is a fantasy, where the primary characters are dogs. The problem lied in how to make it clear to fantasy lovers that this is a book they will enjoy in a split-second glance.

Think about some of your favorite fantasy book covers and what initially caught your attention, alerting you to the fact that it was fantasy. Did you see a mystical creature like an elf or a fairy? Or maybe there are swords and sorcerers? The challenge here was how to represent a canine Spirit Guide that looks like a regular dog, just bigger. I didn't think the environment, where the pair are walking on clouds was enough to express the bigger dog's mystical abilities.

The 2nd challenge was replicating a believable Weimaraner breed of dog. The multitude of photos available for reference doesn't truly represent the 'grey-ghost' quality the breed is famous for. Something in the photographic translation alters the colors to look more greyish-brown, which is not what Dan was looking for.

And the 3rd challenge was to make sure my cloud-world didn't look too flat. Depth and scale in cloud-scapes, ocean-scapes, and desert-scapes can be deceptive, even in the real-world, because there is little to judge scale or distance with unless there is a ship, or a tree, or cactus between us and the horizon line, to compare with foreground elements.

Dan Santos likes to tell stories.

He’s traveled to many places and seen incredible things, beautiful people, unbelievable goodness and despicable evil in all their manifestations. These places, people and things might go unnoticed unless someone tells others about them. That’s what he does, hoping to transport readers from their everyday reality to a different world.

His writing reflects years of serving his country and family as a soldier, diplomat, son, husband, father and human companion. All these he’s done with great intensity because he believes there is no other way to live life.

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