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Monday, October 14, 2019

Writer's Digest Courses Starting This Week:

Courses Starting This Week: 
Writing the Middle-Grade Book
Instructor: Holly Alder
Writing in the middle-grade genre can be extremely rewarding. But, any middle-grade book author will tell you that writing an effective book is more challenging than reading one! Take this online workshop and learn the essential elements of writing for kids and how to break into children’s publishing. Throughout this 8-week course, you can expect to read lectures and complete weekly writing assignments.

Freelance Writing
Instructor: Kelly Boyer Sagert
In this workshop, you will work with a published article writer to develop, research and write two articles suitable for publication in magazines you've identified as appropriate markets. You will get feedback from your instructor on your first and second drafts of both your articles.

Horror Writing Intensive: Analyzing the Work of Genre Master Stephen King
Instructor: Philip Athans
October is here! Does it have you in the mood for some horror writing? In this class, you'll have the opportunity to write an outline and a 2,000-word short story or chapter incorporating elements of suspense that moves towards a well-paced climax. These two assignments will be submitted for instructor critique.

Writing the Romance Novel
Instructor: Terri Valentine
Do you yearn to write a romantic story? If so, you need to know what sets romance writing apart from other types of fiction.This workshop will help you to understand those specific factors that make up the specialized world of romantic fiction.

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