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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

WillowRaven's Book Reviewer List - A book marketing tool - ALMOST 500 opportunities to get your book reviewed

Why do you want to bookmark this list? Because you're an author or small publisher who wants to promote books and you need reputable reviews. Positive reviews not only get books noticed, but they also extend your reach and can boost sales. Ideally, you should start acquiring reviews before your book is published.

I work with a lot of small publishers and indie authors, and no matter how much experience one has, an extensive review list is good to have on hand.

I was looking for some review sources for one of my clients and found several, but I figured it may make things simpler if I compiled what I found into one post. I was told I could charge for this list, but I'd rather not. I just hope some of you get some benefit from it.

Here is the list so far, taken from different sites I've wandered by (nothing special, just copy/pasted from other sites into a larger collection of links and descriptions) or been informed of through my clients, and will build to it as people/sites are recommended. No guarantees all links work since sites come and go every day. And keep in mind some have a several-month waiting period. Other reviewers place temporary holds on submissions, so check sites periodically. Don't dilly-dally, and keep track of who you've looked into, result, and when to go back and look again. 

Listed alphabetically; some are free, some charge a fee; the listing is not an endorsement. Add any you'd like seen added to the list in the comments. Any with an (A+) after the name, one or more of my personal clients have had a good review from them.

  1. #BookReviewWednesday (Joseph Mark Brewer's blog. "Every Wednesday (or so) I post a review of books I like that are well-known or need to be discovered. Take a look.)
  2. 5 Girls Book Reviews (Angel, Arianna, Michaela, and Angelina review Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children's, Picture Books)
  3. 99% Dark ("We particularly welcome books that contain LGBTQ+ content and/or are written by LGBTQ+ authors. We will only review fiction; we will review almost any genre, except for erotica and Christian literature.")
  4. About.com - Literature: Contemporary. Several reviews of new books each week.
  5. Amazon (TheCreativePenn has a great blog post on getting Amazon reviewers to review your book.)
  6. Abrianna's Blog and Reviews (Abrianna Leaming reviews all genres)
  7. According to Braelynne (All. "I'll consider most everything other than political, religious, self-help.")
  8. A Different Kind of Read (“At this time, I only review books for children.”)
  9. After Terra ("In sticking with the general theme of my site and to satisfy my own interest, I am currently only interested in submissions in the science fiction genre. I do read other genres, however, this is a new thing for me and I want to keep it focused. I don’t care about the levels of sex/violence/blood&gore/drug use, etc., so trigger warnings aren’t really necessary (unless you’ve written something so obscene it will make me explode like a bad guy in Outland). Just keep it to science fiction.")
  10. A Fortress of Books (Romance (see submission policy for more details))
  11. A Romance Review. "Where Love Rules and Romance Rocks!!!!!!" Over 4000 reviews.
  12. Allie's Opinions (Allie Summer reviews all genres)
  13. Allreaders.com (it’s not sexy, but it’s functional, and you can submit a review and be a “scholar”)
  14. Alltop.com (specifically books.alltop.com – a list of blogs related to books and an easy place to begin your search).
  15. Ajoobacats Blog (Crime Fiction, Psychological Thrillers)
  16. Amandapandauh (all genres)
  17. Amazeballs Book Adits (From the reviewer: We are two friends who love books. We love to review books and post about our favorite authors and books. Fiction: Crime, Erotica, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Murder Mystery, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy)
  18. American Book Review. "Dedicated to reviewing books from independent, small, and university presses." Limited online availability -- and in the dreaded pdf format. Illinois State Univ., Campus Box 4241, Normal, IL 61790. http://www.litline.org/ABR/ . Probably best for poetry, literary work and/or Illinois authors.
  19. American Scientist. Good science coverage, awkward archive.
  20. Amidst the Pages (reviews fantasy, YA, fiction, YA Contemporary, NA)
  21. Amie's Book Review Blog (Amie Gaudet reviews post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction)
  22. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews (all genres)
  23. Anthony Campbell's Book Reviews. Over 400 reviews, good selection.
  24. Armchair Interviews. Thousands of reviews.
  25. Artisan Book Reviews To submit your book for consideration for review and/or promotion by our expert team and receive more information on exactly what we do to effectively market your book, fill out our contact form here. artisanbookreviews.com/contact/
  26. Ashley's Bookshelf (all genres)
  27. Asia Times. Decent coverage, Asian focus.
  28. Astronima's Reviews & Clutter (Romance, Kidlit. "Romance is the main genre I review and will read a blurb for any trope under that genre. I have also read mysteries, crime, sci-fi, fantasy and YA outside of the romance genre.")
  29. A Thin Slice of Anxiety (all genres)
  30. Audiobook Reviewer (Horror, Science Fiction, Zombie, Post Apocalyptic. No erotica. Audiobooks only.)
  31. Audra's Book Blabbing (All except horror and erotica)
  32. Austin Chronicle. Weekly. Limited coverage, decent archive.
  33. Australian Book Review. Limited number of reviews from journal available online.
  34. Author Anthony Avina's Blog ("I read anything except for erotica and religious books. The details are in my review policy but those are two genres I don't read.")
  35. Author Ashleigh Gauch (Science fiction, Fantasy, LGBTQ, Thrillers, Mystery/Suspense, YA, Horror, Literary, Chick Lit. "For the most part, I don’t read romance, Westerns (with the rare exception of Weird Westerns and Westerns from a non-white point of view), splatterpunk, erotica, Christian fiction, or military science fiction.")
  36. Author Marketing Club (Submit your digital books for review, and announce your Amazon free download days. Free.)
  37. Azaria M.J. Durant (Genres I accept: Fantasy (all sub-genres), Sci-fi, YA, Dystopian, Action/Adventure, Historical fiction. Genres I do NOT accept: Romance, Erotica, Non-fiction, Anything that isn’t PG 13. Keep it clean and I’ll read it. If your book doesn’t fall into my preferred categories, I’ll give it a look, but I would mainly like to focus in these specific genres. Accepting of indie authors.)
  38. Babelguides. "Your guide to world literature in English translation, with a comprehensive book database and 1000+ reviews". Uneven as to extent of coverage, but of some interest.
  39. Barb Taub (Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, Mystery)
  40. Bark's Book Nonsense (“I read horror, romance & erotica of all flavors and some general fiction if it has a touch of darkness. I much prefer character-based plots over action. Please read a few of my reviews before inquiring. My reviews are light-hearted but are always brutally honest. I also DNF books if they are poorly written, unedited and/or not for me.”)
  41. Barnes & Noble Review. "Aims to bring serious readers smart and useful appraisals of current books, music, and films (on DVD), as well as reconsiderations of important past works."
  42. B.B. Morgan ("I dislike erotica, vampires, and werewolves, and books where the dog dies. I have a soft spot for characters with love interests, underdogs, and happy endings.")
  43. Bea's Book Nook (From the reviewer: I’m a woman in my 50s who love to read and to talk about books. I teach toddlers, craft soaps and other bath products, and like to chill out with a good book and a movie. Fiction: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, YA;  • Nonfiction: Cookbooks, Crafting, Literacy)
  44. Beauty in Ruins ("I primarily review fantasy, but also review action-adventure, horror, and science fiction.")
  45. Beckie Bookworm (Romance, Psychological thriller, YA)
  46. BeforeWeGoBlog (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Horror)
  47. Beleagured Shards of Elegance (all genres)
  48. Bella Online: The Voice of Women (Literary fiction, romance, fantasy)
  49. Bellas Bright Bookshelf (Books for YA, Teen, and Tween audience only. See review policy for preferred genres.)
  50. Beyond the Rainbow (Christian and YA)
  51. berniE-zine. Eclectic, small, fairly literary.
  52. Best Fantasy Book Series (A. Aaron reviews fantasy SFF)
  53. Between the Pages. Small, popular titles. Also other content.
  54. Beyond the Curtain of Reality ()Fantasy/Science Fiction. "I'll review just about any sub-genre of the above, but I'm partial to contemporary fantasy right now (so, urban, PNR, paranormal, etc)."
  55. Bibliofreak.net - A Book Blog (Fiction: General Fiction, Literary Fiction)
  56. BigAl's Books and Pals (all genres)
  57. Bite into Books (Chicklit, Contemporary, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, YA)
  58. Black Issues Book Review. Afro-American, popular.
  59. Black Star Review. "Books - Politics - Popular Culture".
  60. Blether. Thousands of reviews of popular titles, very mixed bag.
  61. Bobo’s Book Bank I read/review a wide variety of books in the romance genre, for example: clean, contemporary, paranormal, erotic, romantic suspense, new adult, young adult & LGBT. Please be aware that most of the books I read are for 18 YEARS & UP!
  62. Book Angel (All. "Books will be chosen to review from those submitted to the site. We will only review 15/PG-13/family-friendly books. Good reviews may be cross-posted to goodreads at author request. There is also a free reviews anthology e-zine that comes out on Smashwords. We're currently arranging a trial review column in a local paper to start 2015.") 
  63. Book Binge (“We review all genres, but our primary focus is romance. We have a team of reviewers who choose the books they want to read and review.”)
  64. Book Bitches Blog (Romance)
  65. Bookfetish.org (specializing in genre fiction reviews from horror to true crime to romance).
  66. Bookforum. Limited amount from print versions available online, tiny archive.
  67. BookGasm (not sure how to contact them ... maybe through comments?)
  68. Book Hermitt (All. "Please no romance or erotica. Just not into that genre, sorry.")
  69. Bookideas.com (Reviews print books only. Fill out the online Review Copy Availability form at their web site. Editor: Doug Malcolm.)
  70. Bookish Creature (Ashley reviews all genres except erotica)
  71. Boldtype. "An email-based review, presenting each month a short list of books worth reading."
  72. BookLife (hosted by Publisher's Weekly) Free book reviews for indie authors
  73. Booklist (Each year, Booklist publishes more than 2,000 Booklist Online Exclusive reviews, which we offer free to subscribers and nonsubscribers alike.) American Library XE "Library" Assoc., 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611, www.ala.org/booklist. Toll Free 1-800-545-2433 Include Publication Slip.
  74. BookLoons. "Book reviews across genres". About 1200 reviews, popular focus
  75. Book Hermit (All. "Please no romance or erotica. Just not into that genre, sorry.")
  76. Book Marks. The Literary Hub aggregates US reviews of major titles.
  77. Book Marketing Global Network's Book Review Program free reviews for both published and soon-to-be-published books when one purchases their $100, one-year, promotional campaign.
  78. bookmunch. Small, interesting selection, nicely done. Also some author interviews.
  79. bookoxygen. "Breathing space for books and writers". Mainly reviews.
  80. Bookpage.com (with hundreds of reviews a month, it’s a great place to discover new talent). 2143 Belcourt Ave., Nashville, TN 37212.
  81. BookPleasures.com. "Reviews, interviews, and more ...", especially strong on travel-related writing
  82. Book Readers (Fiction: Adventure, Christian, Historical Fiction, Humor, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Poetry, Suspense, Thriller, YA; • Nonfiction: Autobiography, Biography, Culture, True Crime)
  83. Book Reader's Heaven (all genres)
  84. Book Review by Courtney Bauman (all genres)
  85. Book Reviews by Scott London. Non-fiction, especially media and politics.
  86. Book Riot  We’re committed to writing about books in a variety of ways, so while we do cover specific books and interview authors and creators, books and authors that come with interesting and innovative ways to engage our readers will get our attention.  bookriot@bookriot.com
  87. Books & Culture. At Christianity Today; limited focus, decent reviews.
  88. Books and Margaritas (All except erotica.)
  89. Books at the End of the Alphabet (Science fiction, Romance, Literary Fiction, YA. "The majority of my reading focuses on queer and feminist issues, and I mainly read books by authors who identify as women, trans*, or gender non-conforming, and on characters with those identities.")
  90. Books Blurbs and Beyond (Romance, Fantasy, Dystopia)
  91. Books for Company (Dark Romance, New Adult, Romance)
  92. Books in Brogan (Fantasy, Sci-Fi)
  93. Books in the Media. Aggregator at The Bookseller; wide-ranging; reviews mainly from UK periodicals.
  94. BookLife An indie subdivision of Publisher's Weekly. PW review consideration is FREE! You do not have to pay anything to submit your book for review consideration. There is no cost associated with submitting your book, or any aspect of the reviewing process should your book be chosen for review. Both Publishers Weekly and BookLife Reviews treat self-published books as professional publications and hold them to professional standards. DO I HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING FOR MY BOOK TO BE CONSIDERED FOR REVIEW? No. There is no fee of any kind associated with BookLife registration or with submitting a book for Publishers Weekly review. However, a review is not guaranteed. For information on paid, guaranteed reviews, please see our BookLife Reviews program. (Everything you need to know about purchasing a BookLife Review for your self-published book.) Before you submit your book, use BookLife’s free self-evaluations to help you make your book the best it can be. (These are for informational purposes only, and do not determine your review eligibility.) The best way to increase your odds of receiving a Publishers Weekly review, or of being reviewed positively, is to make sure your book is up to professional standards. READ FIRST: What you need to know before submitting your project to be reviewed by BookLife Reviews or considered by Publishers Weekly. BookLife was built to assist individual authors and illustrators with submitting their self-published books for review consideration. If you are a publisher working with several authors, please use GalleyTracker instead. Note: You may not submit through both BookLife and GalleyTracker; if you do, your book will be removed from consideration. How to Submit Your Book to BookLife Reviews and Publishers Weekly For more information, see our FAQs about BookLife Reviews and Publishers Weekly reviews. And if you have questions about any of this, email service@booklife.com. Please see the submission guidelines and step-by-step instructions.
  95. Bookslut.com (monthly web magazine and daily blog dedicated to those who love to read)
  96. Books on The Knob (Fantasy and science fiction, mystery and suspense. Check guidelines.)
  97. Bookworm1102 (LGBTQIA+, Erotica)
  98. Boston Globe. Decent coverage of new titles, only current reviews freely accessible.
  99. Boston Review. Interesting articles, essays, and reviews. Archive relatively small.
  100. B R Sanders (Fantasy. “Speculative Fiction in general, especially speculative fiction featuring diverse main characters. Won't review children's lit or Christian lit.”)
  101. Brothers Judd. Good, large selection of reviews (with links !), now relatively easy to use.
  102. Bryn Mawr Classical Review. "Reviews of current scholarly work in the field of classical studies (including archaeology)." Superb archive, great resource.
  103. Bskuare (Aaryan Rahi reviews all genres)
  104. Buttonholed Book Reviews (Horror, Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, Psychological/Horror, Dystopian, Young Adult, Crime, Legal Novels, Contemporary Literature (some pre-World War II)
  105. By Right of Word Reviews (science fiction, fantasy, thriller)
  106. Cali Book Reviews (all genres)
  107. California Literary Review. Reviews, some additional material.
  108. Cambridge Book Review. Limited number of reviews. Bob Wake, Ed., Box 222, Cambridge, Wisconsin.
  109. The book or arts and entertainment section of your nearest metropolitan newspaper.
  110. Canadian Literature. Canadian focus. Large, somewhat cumbersome to navigate.
  111. Candid Ceillie (All genres. "I have a heavy preference towards science fiction and fantasy, as well as biographies & memoirs.")
  112. Carrie K's Book Reviews (All. “I don't review erotica and I don't really like profanity.”)
  113. Cathi Shaw (Fantasy, Young Adult *** Audiobooks Only ***)
  114. Cath 'n Kindle Book Reviews ("Humour, Women's Fiction, Murder, Mystery, Crime, Thrillers, Suspense, General fiction, Contemporary. No Sci-fi, horror, paranormal, non-fiction, erotica, romance, Christian fiction, historical, fantasy, YA, western, Dystopian")
  115. Chicago Sun-Times. Good coverage of current titles, but incredibly annoying pop-under ads.
  116. Chicago Tribune Books, 435 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, http://chicagotribune.com.
  117. Chi Town Book Girl (Horror, Apocalyptic, Autobiography, Biography, Children's, Dystopia, Entertainment, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Fiction, Humour, Middle School, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Science, Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Young Adult, Zombies)
  118. Christian Indie Book Reviews (“This is a family-friendly review site, geared to give reviews similar to Plugged-In Online, but specifically for Small Press and Self-Published books. Please, no erotica. I enjoy Fantasy and SciFi but will read many other genres, including non-fiction. See my About page for submission instructions.”)
  119. Christian Science Monitor. Extensive coverage of current books, good archive
  120. Christy's Houseful of Chaos (Children's, middle-school, historical, nonfiction. No profanity or erotica.)
  121. Claremont Review of Books. Making "cutting-edge arguments for a new, reinvigorated conservatism".
  122. Contemporary Poetry Review. "Resuscitating poetry criticism". Only ca. 100 revs.
  123. Crescent Blues. Mainly genre fiction.
  124. Crime Time. British, focus on crime/mystery.
  125. Crowvus Book Blog ("My favorite genre is middle grade and YA fiction, and I'll sometimes post suggested lesson plans for any books that I think would make good class novels. I do, however, enjoy reading a wide variety of other genres. I'm generally open-minded about books, but I'm not interested in erotica.")
  126. Crystal's Random Thoughts (Preferred Book Genres, Urban Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Chick Lit, Crime, Indie Books, Humor, Paranormal & Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal Fantasy, YA, Thriller and Suspense, Mystery & Suspense, Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, Dark Erotica, Erotica, Steam-Punk, Selected Non-Fiction)
  127. CS fantasy reviews (Fantasy, speculative fiction)
  128. CurledUp.com (Curled Up With a Good Book Book - reviews of literary and mainstream fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and nonfiction)
  129. Daily Mail. Limited coverage of current books.
  130. Danny Yee's Book Reviews. An eclectic list, largely non-fiction. Over 1100 reviews.
  131. David J Garrett (Science fiction, Fantasy)
  132. Dear Author (romance)
  133. Denver Post. Good archive and coverage of new books.
  134. Derek Edgington (Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror.)
  135. Desert Rose Reviews ("I won't review erotica or romance with strong sexual themes. Anything else is welcome!")
  136. Devouring Books (Genre-wise I really like anything with a paranormal aspect, romance, mysteries and thrillers, YA, NA, science fiction, historical fiction, but most of all I love fantasy. Please feel free to request anyways even if your book doesn’t fit in these categories. I do not read poetry, erotica or non-fiction.)
  137. Dedicated Readers (Romance. “Anything goes as long as it is a good romance!!!”)
  138. DG Book Blog (I enjoy reading all types of romance, including New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, and Erotica. However, Historical, Paranormal, and Fantasy Romances are not in my ‘wheelhouse,’ so please keep in mind that these submission requests will be declined.)
  139. Diamante Lavendar (YA, YA, women's fiction, Christian, science fiction, children's, self-help, poetry. “I don't review horror, erotica, most nonfiction or comic books.”)
  140. Diva Tribe. "Women's Fiction - Book Reviews for Women at DivaTribe". Small selection.
  141. Doc Crabtree Book Reviews (History (non-fiction). “I ONLY REVIEW HISTORY BOOKS. That means I don't do poetry, romance novels, mysteries, history novels, religious books, sci-fi or those books which have mythical creatures like vampires, elves or human beings who actually care about customer service.”)
  142. Don Sloan: Book Reviews and More! (“We do not accept erotica or gay/lesbian books. Sorry. My aging heart just won't stand it. :-). All other genres are fine, though, including both fiction and nonfiction. Turnaround time for reviews is about four weeks currently. DON'T send the book file with your query email. I will respond quickly, usually within 24 hours. Then, I'll provide instructions on how to send along your book. Thanks for the opportunity to review your fine work. Keep writing! Don”)
  143. Dragonfly Review. "A monthly magazine section that reports on newly released literary nonfiction about healthy living, spiritual growth, social justice, and the environment."
  144. Dr. Akua's Book Reviews (Specializes in non-fiction self-help books in many areas. See the review policy on the site for an extensive list.)
  145. Drink Coffee and Read Books (Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Dystopian, Mystery, Horror, Contemporary, Mythology, Fairy Tale Retellings, Coming of Age)
  146. Eclectic Ramblings of Author Heather Osborne (Historical fiction, romance)
  147. Elena Linville's Tower of Winds (Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal. I can review an occasional romance, but it's more of an exception to the rule than a consistent reading choice. "Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal. "I don't review erotica or books with excessive and gratuitous violence. I'm also not a big fan of graffic depiction of sexual assault or other physical abuse.)
  148. Elgee Writes (I read and review mostly fiction and am partial towards horror and romanceI rarely read Fantasy and Scifi. I do read an occasional non-fiction like memoirs or autobiographies, but I am very choosy about the ones I accept.)
  149. Elizabeth May Jahns (All ("I enjoy reading diverse voices. Absolutely nothing misogynistic, homophobic, racist, etc.")
  150. Emerging Writers Forum. Decent selection.
  151. Empty Mirror Magazine (We review mostly nonfiction books (occasionally literary fiction and poetry) which relate to the arts. Music, art, literature, film, biography, memoir, and criticism are all accepted. Ebooks are accepted, though we do prefer printed books.) 
  152. Entertainment Weekly. Popular stuff, good selection, short reviews. 1675 Broadway Fl 29, New York, NY 10019-5820.
  153. Erika Winterlia (Sci-Fi (including YA), YA Dystopian, Fantasy (including YA), Graphic Novels, Mystery, Thriller
  154. Esoterica. Esoterica -- texts and scholarly
  155. Ethereal Pages (No Erotica, Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction, Middle Grade, memoirs or biographies/autobiographies, Political books, Manga / Comics, Self-help books / “How To” Books, or Religious Fiction please!)
  156. ex libris reviews. Small collection.
  157. Fallen Over Book Reviews (Crime, paranormal, paranormal romance, post-apocalyptic, demons, witches, horror, murder mystery, thrillers, dystopian, urban/dark fantasy, YA/Teen, suspense, humor)
  158. Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews (Andi Schellinger and Melanie Marsh review Fantasy. "We will also review science fiction, horror, supernatural, and paranormal.)
  159. Fantasy Book Critic (all genres)
  160. Fantasy Muse (I generally read fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, crime and the occasional romance)
  161. Fariha's Studio (Fantasy/YA. "I do not review Horror, Erotica, Biographies, Memoirs, Novellas, Non-Fiction.")
  162. Feed the Money (Literary fiction only)
  163. Financial Times. Solid literary section with a few reviews every Friday, archive now again freely accessible (but articles can be hard to find).
  164. FindLaw. Good reviews of limited number of law-related texts.
  165. Flak Magazine. Limited number of reviews, but good selection, nicely presented.
  166. Foreign Affairs. Reviews of books on international affairs.
  167. ForeWord. Non-fiction focus.
  168. ForewordReviews.com (ForeWord exclusively reviews books from small presses)
  169. Fresh Fiction. Genre focus.
  170. From the Book Reviewer's Desk Romance, fantasy, action, mystery and more. (See submission policy.)
  171. Front Street Reviews. Popular focus.
  172. Gadget Girl Reviews (Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, crime, mystery, action-adventure. ("I'm happy to consider any books and I particularly love dystopian, post-apocalyptic genres. ")
  173. Galleycat.com (with great traffic, great lists, great reviews, and great e-blast updates, this one is a great favorite of the WWW team!)
  174. Genuine Jenn (all genres)
  175. Georgia Ball - Author Children's, Middle Grade, YA. Also Sci-Fi and Horror (see note on the submission page for these)
  176. Gerry B' Book Reviews (GBLT fiction, non-fiction, Canadian history, Western)
  177. GET BOOK REVIEWS - www.getbookreviews.com/. They will help a writer to find book reviews and have a book review newsletter. You can list your book, making it available for review, for $25.
  178. Gina Rae Mitchell (All. "I do not do horror, gore, or erotica. These books do not resonate with my readers.")
  179. Ginger Nuts of Horror (Horror)
  180. Girl-Who-Reads.com (accept books for review from indie, small and large presses as well as those that are self-published)
  181. GLOCOM Platform. Japanese Institute of Global Communications, focus on Japanese issues, non-fiction.
  182. Goodreads.com (The “Razzles” of book review sites – it’s reader candy and social networking gum to chew on all in one neat package)
  183. goodreports.net. Canadian, but also general interest coverage.
  184. Green Man Review. Good, fairly large selection.
  185. Gut Reaction Reviews (I review all genres except romance)
  186. Haaretz. Good, broad coverage.
  187. Hagit R. Oron Children's Books (aimed at 12 years and younger)
  188. Harriet's Reviews. Harriet Klausner's reviews. Something (almost always very good) to say about what seems like every new book published.
  189. Harvard Law Review. Book reviews at the HLR.
  190. Having Faith Book Blog (Science Fiction)
  191. Heartland Reviews. "Scientifically-based book reviews from the heart." Unwieldy.
  192. Heaven's Fiction Reviews ("Fantasy/Paranormal/Time-travel fiction: All genre within those categories, young adult, adult, romance, adventure, mystery, or etc, but only if it has fantasy/paranormal/time-travel themes. So basically yes to things with fairies, vampires, angels, demons, historical time-travel, a mystery-solving vampire, humanity's fate left in the hands of a dark angel, magic users on an adventure to save the world, witches... and historical romance (only category that doesn't need magic or fantasy)." I'm not big on over usage of profanity, some is okay. I don't review erotica. Okay, to have romance with a scene here or there, but not the main theme of the story.) 
  193. Henk and Bigham's Literary Tryst (Romance, Fantasy, Erotica. (Love sweet and sexy vampires (not freaky and scary ones), werewolves, shifters. Mix those with an 18+ romance and we definitely want you to send it our way!)
  194. Hey Kymmie (Hey Kymmie is a book blog made by Kymmie to share her passion for eBooks focusing on genres such as Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and Chic Lit.)
  195. H-Net Reviews. Excellent coverage of scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences.
  196. Home is Where the Wine is Book Blog (Romance, Adult/YA/Romance)
  197. Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile (Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery. I'm a very eclectic reader and will give anything a shot, although I don't usually accept non-fiction books.)
  198. Houston Chronicle. Good coverage of new books.
  199. Human Nature Review. Everything to do with human nature, with academic/scientific focus.
  200. I am, Indeed (I review everything BUT Horror or graphically violent novels.)
  201. iDreamBooks. "Book Reviews by Critics". Focus on popular new titles, fairly limited review-reach.
  202. Idris Press (Annie reviews all genres, no erotica)
  203. Iola's Christian Reads (Christian Fiction (I review Christian fiction and some non-fiction from big publishers, small publishers and self-publishers. Where possible, I also post reviews to www.christianbook.com and www.koorong.com.au. My personal favorite genres are Romance and Romantic Suspense, but I also enjoy a good mystery and speculative fiction.))
  204. IMHO. In My Hysterical Opinion. Decent selection of reviews.
  205. IndieAuthorNews.com (book reviews, interviews, ebooks, even self-publishing advice)
  206. Inside the Inkwell (I prefer— Sci-fi, Horror (but not gore for the sake of gore), Fantasy, YA/NA (but have a good hook), Speculative Fiction, Paranormal (please note that egregious abuses or excessive/deliberate inaccuracies of traditional angelology/demonology will tick me off; I consider myself quite well versed in this area and hold degrees in this area. No outright blasphemy please.), werewolf/vampire (but make it good/original), Superhero, Apocalyptic. I will consider– Nonfiction (pretty limited focus–you should research me before submitting), Mainstream fiction (I am VERY selective), Zombie (again, don’t be a rip-off of anything else), Novella/Novelette (but aim for my novel preferences)
  207. Internet Book List. "Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive and easily accessible database of books". Sci-fi top heavy, and very uneven coverage
  208. Internet Review of Books. "Reviewing books in the fields of science, social science, history, art, music, and current affairs with attitude and passion: An Intelligent Guide for Intelligent People."
  209. iRead Review (Fiction: None specifically excluded except as noted. • Nonfiction: None specifically excluded except as noted. • Excluded: Erotica, LGBT Romance; books whose main theme is the occult or horror; books with covers depicting nudity.)
  210. Irish Times. Good coverage.
  211. Jacket. Ca. 200 reviews, mainly poetry.
  212. Jackie's Book Reviews (My favorite genres to review: romance (contemporary romance, young adult romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, western romance, etc.), cozy mysteries. Other genres that I also like: science fiction, fantasy, westerns, mysteries, Christian, fiction, chick lit. Genres that I will not review: horror, erotica, non-fiction books,, homosexual, lesbian, gay themes, war themes, stories with a lot of violence, abuse, or rape scenes.)
  213. Jane Kelsey (Fantasy, Horror, Dystopian, Romance)
  214. JaneLassar.worpress.com (publicist for Gray & Company, Publishers promoting books and authors in Cleveland, Ohio)
  215. January Gray ("All but Romance, Paranormal, Horror, and Self-help. I have detailed, but simple Guidelines easy to find on my blog!")
  216. January Magazine. "Book reviews & author interviews".
  217. Japan Review Net. "An independent site for books on Japan." Limited number of reviews.
  218. Japan Visitor. Brief reviews of Japan-related titles -- unfortunately bunched together.
  219. Jazzy Book Reviews (Genres Jasmine Prefers:  Young adult, Dystopian, Horror, Some fantasy/sci-fi, Fairytale retellings (I (usually) LOVE Alice in Wonderland retellings), Children's books (I have a 3-year old I read to). Genres Jasmine Will Consider: Paranormal romance (not shifters/alpha males; I prefer faeries, mermaids, and angels/demons), Contemporary romance (depends on the synopsis), Inspirational fiction (kinda like Christian fiction, but with less religious undertones; Melissa Storm's Diving For Pearls series is a good example of this) , Erotica/BDSM (as long as it's not all about sex; there has to be plot and character development), Steampunk (I've read a few I've liked so this will depend on synopsis) Middle Grade Fiction (usually for ages 8-13))
  220. Jerrica Reads (see submissions policy)
  221. Jess Reviews (I accept YA and dystopian mostly. I may also consider fantasy and sci-fi.)
  222. Jewish Review of Books. "A quarterly publication for serious readers with Jewish interests".
  223. JohnAdcox.wordpress.com ('Thoughts on My Author'a Journey' Blog about John Adcox's books, writing, publishing adventures, and the occasional review)
  224. John's Book Pages. Over 450 reviews. Serious, literary.
  225. Just Another Girl and Her Books (“I read books in MOST genres. I prefer horror, science fiction, fantasy, YA, historical romance, paranormal romance, and children's books.”)
  226. Just Book Reviews. "It is composed of a small nucleus of academics and intellectuals who have expert knowledge of specific areas"
  227. Just Love (Romance, LGBTQIA)
  228. Katie Creative Writer Blog (Romance, poetry, erotica)
  229. KayBee's Bookshelf (Crime fiction, romance, urban fiction, paranormal, m/m, erotica, thriller)
  230. Kid Lit Reviews (Accepts children's and middle-grade print books. No e-books. Will consider self-published books. Please visit the following link for more information and details on how to submit a blurb: http://kid-lit-reviews.com/policies-ratings-reviews/review-policies/)
  231. Library Journal 360 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10010. Must follow up on your mail with a confirming e-mail.  
  232. Life of a Bastard (Action-adventure, Indie Books, Non-Fiction, Historical, Memoir, Bio, Graphic Novels, Sci-Fic . Will not review romance or erotica.)
  233. Kameo Monson (Women's Fiction, Clean Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Clean reads only. See submission guidelines for details.)
  234. Kirkus Reviews. Extensive US review coverage. Reviews approximately 4,500 print books per year, usually two-to-three months prior to publication. Submit galleys in advance of publication. Anne Larsen, Exec. Editor; Chuck Shelton, Managing Editor; Jim Uebbing, Senior Editor; Karen Breen, Senior Editor. For details and submission guidelines contact Kirkus Reviews: info@kirkusreviews.com "Reviews" , 770 Broadway, NYC, NY 10003. Kirkus Discoveries is a paid-for review service (www.kirkusdiscoveries.com). Read your Frugal Book Promoter (find "review" entries in the index) before you pay nearly $500 for a review even from a reputable journal like this. They have a journalistically sound way to get reviews, just plain "Kirkus Reviews." Send TWO books or galleys. Boote
  235. KC Gray's Book Reviews (Fantasy and Science fiction)
  236. Large Print Reviews. Fairly extensive selection of reviews of books available in large print editions.
  237. LibraryJournal.com (news and reviews from Library Journal staffers)
  238. LibraryThing.com (like Goodreads, a hybrid community of readers, writers, and reviewers, boasting 1,500,000 readers. Also see Member Giveaway)
  239. Literary Musings (all genres)
  240. Literary Titan Editorial Review (A+)  We love books and read constantly (seriously, it’s an addiction). The Literary Titan is always open to book review requests. We enjoy anything within the fiction genre, especially indie books, self-published, or books by new authors. The Literary Titan’s choice genres include: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult, Audio Books. If your book is not in any of these genres or is non-fiction, don’t panic. Use our Book Review Service for a guaranteed review in any genre. Free & paid options. Leclerc
  241. LitPick (This site provides reviews of children's and YA books (for all ages), reviewed by children and young adults. They offer both paid and free review options - for free reviews, contact the site for details on how to submit your books. )
  242. Littlest Bookshelf (Reviews children's print books only. Galleys should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to publication.)
  243. Livin' la vida Latina (Must be about a Latina/o, written for a Latina/o, and by a Latina/o. See submission page for acceptable genres.)
  244. LocusLimited number of reviews from the magazine available online. SFF
  245. London Review of Books. Excellent articles, though relatively few from print version freely accessible.
  246. Los Angeles Review of Books. Longer reviews (and other content).
  247. Los Angeles Times Book Review, Times Mirror Square, LA, CA 90053, www.latimes.com
    Love Reading Romance (Romance)
  248. Maclean's. Canadian magazine, decent coverage.
  249. Mail & Guardian. South African. Decent coverage of both local and international books.
  250. MidwestBookReview.com (lots of resources and easy links to get a book reviewed or become a reviewer. We review all kinds of print books, DVDs, videos, music CDs, computer software, and the like. We do not review galleys, uncorrected proofs, or ebooks. Visit our website and click on 'Get A Book Reviewed' for more information about our guidelines for submitting a book for review consideration. (mwbookrevw@aol.com))
  251. Montreal Review of Books. Bi-annual, limited number of reviews.
  252. MostlyFiction Book Reviews. Good, extensive coverage, with some links.
  253. Ms. J Mentions (Fantasy, SciFi, YA "While I mainly review Fantasy, SciFi, and YA, I am posted to reviewing books from other genres based on my enjoyment of the title. I will not review erotica but am not averse to books that have some sexual scenes. If in doubt, ask me about it!")
  254. MyKaela Edrich in Conjunction with The Dabbling Mum.com (Reviews Children's Print Books only. Please query about the book you would like reviewed.)
  255. MyShelf.com. Decent selection.
  256. Mystery Reader. A good site for reviews about mystery and suspense books, and thrillers.
  257. Nance's Writer's Thesaurus (all genres)
  258. New Mystery Reader Magazine. Decent mystery coverage.
  259. NewPages. Good collection, small press focus.
  260. New Statesman. Interesting reviews, archive now again freely accessible.
  261. New York. Solid reviews as well as additional literary coverage, decent archive.
  262. NewYorker.com (Page Turner is the name of the blog here, with “criticism, contention, and conversation about books that matter.”)
  263. NewYorkTimes.com (okay, not everyone can crack the NYT best-seller lists, but the lists will surely lend insights… 50 Shades of What?!) On self-published books: We get them, and we don’t review them. We review about 1 percent of the books that come out in print from a publisher every year. So 99 percent of those books are being discarded. At some point you kind of have to say “okay, we’re just going to look at these books.” Otherwise we would be here 24 hours.” But if you're determined, follow these steps: http://www.trainingauthors.com/the-new-york-times-book-review/ 229 W. 43rd St., NY, NY 10036
  264. Newsday. Decent current selection.
  265. NPR.org (with an ongoing commitment to serious books and authors, lots of lists, author interviews, and reviews)
  266. NYBooks.com (The New York Review of Books – great traffic, lots to read)
  267. Open Letters Review. "An arts and literature review". Good essay-reviews. Formerly Open Letters Monthly.
  268. Outlook India. Good general coverage.
  269. Paging Through the Days (all genres)
  270. Perlentaucher. German; review-summaries but limited linkage
  271. Piers Anthony, I've had one author get an amazing review from him. It never hurts to write and ask. Buckley
  272. Poetic Voices. Fairly small, decent coverage.
  273. PopCultureGuy (reviews anything related to pop culture)
  274. PopMatters. Interesting selection, decent archive.
  275. Princess of the Light (Fiction: Children’s, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Women’s Fiction, YA • Nonfiction: Business, Cookbooks, History, Inspirational, Memoirs, Photography, Spirituality, Sports)
  276. Public Books. "A curated monthly review devoted to spirited debate about books and the arts".
  277. PublishersWeekly.com (Extensive US review coverage...a world unto itself. All print book reviews appear in advance of publication. Titles must be submitted for review consideration two to three months prior to publication date. Review materials should be submitted according to PW Forecast Guidelines.) Publishers Weekly Submission Guidelines To be considered for review, books must have U.S. distribution. We review books in the following categories: Nonfiction, Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, Romance/Erotica, Poetry, Comics, and Lifestyles (cooking, gardening & home, health & fitness, or parenting). Again, children's titles have their own guidelines (see below). We consider self-published books for review through BookLife. PW does not review periodicals, audiobooks, textbooks, technical manuals, reissues or new editions unless 60% or more of the content is new, reference books, books of strictly regional interest, travel guides, media and game tie-ins, journals, coloring books, devotionals and prayer books, or playscripts and dramatic works. >> If you are a self-published author interested in submitting your book for review consideration, please do so via BookLife. >> If you are a traditional publisher or a freelance publicist, please submit title information using PW's GalleyTracker platform. This intuitive, easy-to-use system will assist you in submitting review copies (both physical copies and e-galleys) and allow you to preview and supplement title metadata, and also to keep track of the status of any title submitted for review as it progresses through the reviewing process. You can set up your free account here. The use of GalleyTracker is not required, but is encouraged. >> Children's titles have separate guidelines. >> Publishers Weekly also reviews Canadian books. See details here.
    General submission guidelines: Submissions must be sent three (3) months—preferably four (4)—prior to the 1st day of the month of publication. You must send two (2) copies of every title submitted. Submissions of a single copy will not be considered. Digital galleys should be uploaded through our GalleyTracker platform. We do not accept e-galleys via NetGalley or Edelweiss, due to our need to protect reviewer anonymity. Buckley
  278. Pure Textuality (all genres)
  279. Quartz Feather (YA/Middle School)
  280. Queen of Books (Annette reviews Fantasy, Science Fiction and Action/Adventure)
  281. Quill & Quire. Canadian focus.
  282. Rae's Reading Lounge (Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fiction, YA, NA, College, Horror) 
  283. Rain Taxi. Interesting books reviewed, not all from the print edition available, small archive.
  284. Rainy Day Reviews (all genres)
  285. RALPH. The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and the Humanities. Unwieldy, but interesting coverage.
  286. Rambles.net (Review books, music, and art)
  287. Random Thoughts from a Book Nerd (“My genre of interest are: YA, mystery, thrillers, romance titles as well as non-fiction books on business, finance, computers and the internet.”)
  288. Read Between the Lines (Anna reviews paranormal, Erotic/Erotica, Dystopian, Steampunk, Urban, Fantasy)
  289. Reader's Favorite (A+) (We review manuscripts, published and unpublished books, eBooks, audiobooks, poetry books, comic books, graphic novels, and short stories. Your work must be complete, written in English, and fit into one of our 140+ genre categories. Currently, we do not accept erotica books that are mostly sex with no substantial plot.)
  290. Reading 'n Stuff (All. "Generally, the genres I like are the follow: mystery, thriller, horror, literary, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and graphic novels.")
  291. Reading Room Cafe Project (All except Erotica and Non-Fiction)
  292. ReaderViews (Reviews a variety of genres on its site and weekly newsletter. This is apparently a paid service.)
  293. Reads Banned Books (Anna Rakhimov reviews Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary, Romance, Dystopian, and Popular Culture)
  294. Read This!. The MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Online Book Review. Math-related titles.
  295. Readysteadybook.com. "Devoted to reviewing the very best books in literary fiction, poetry, history, and philosophy." Good coverage of new titles.
  296. RebeccasReads. Somewhat messy site, but good, broad coverage.
  297. Reedsy Discovery Submit your book to our reviewers for $50 and gain exposure to thousands of readers in your genre. Want to learn more? Read our submission guidelines.
  298. Reveries Reviews  ... now... Kelly N Roth Blog: Reveries (MY FAVORITE GENRES: Historical fiction, Romance (sweet/clean), Christian fiction, Contemporary fiction, Steampunk, Mystery, Fantasy OTHER GENRES I’LL READ: Action/Adventure, Science fiction, Dystopian WHAT I WILL NOT READ: Nonfiction, Paranormal (vampires, werewolves, etc.), Horror Erotica, Fanfiction, Poetry, LGBT+, Any books that could be rated more than PG-13., Books that dishonor God/honor sin, Books that show Christianity in a negative or demeaning light.)
  299. Regency Reader (Anne Glover reviews Regency Romance, Historical Romance)
  300. Review of Biblical Literature. Extensive coverage "of books in biblical studies and related fields".
  301. ReviewingTheEvidence.com. "Thousands of reviews of mysteries and thrillers of all categories".
  302. Reviews in the City (Andrea Jamison reviews children's books, urban fiction, self-help, romance (but not gritty), and dystopian fiction)
  303. Reviews of a Bibliophile (All. “Memoirs are my favorite books, but I also read fiction of various kinds.”)
  304. ReviewsOfBooks.com. Links to many (but generally not all) freely-accessible mainstream media reviews of titles covered; some own reviews, too. Large archive. (Inactive since 6/2012.)
  305. Riffle.com (brand new – click on the link to get invited to its anticipated launch)
  306. Romance Novels for Feminists (Romance. “RNFF welcomes submissions from all subgenres of romance, including contemporary, historical, fantasy of all stripes, science fiction, young adult, new adult, and erotica”)
  307. Romance Novels in Color Romance (specific requirements, read review policy.)
  308. San Francisco Chronicle. Good coverage of current titles. Large archive (going back to 1995) with good search engine. Recommended.
  309. SCBWI Publications (The Guide to Children's Book Reviewers is available free to members and lists individuals and publications that review children's books, along with information on how and what to submit. )
  310. Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews (Ant reviews sci-fi & fantasy)
  311. Science Thrillers (Amy Rogers reviews science and medical thrillers)
  312. scotsman.com. Site of The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday. Fancy and somewhat cumbersome (and slow), but good coverage, good archive.
  313. Seeing the World Through Books. Reviews by Mary Whipple. Ca. 400 reviews.
  314. Self-Professed Book Hoarders (A. Cook reviews Romance, PNR, New Adult Romance, Erotica, Urban Fantasy, and some Science Fiction) 
    SFBook. Extensive coverage. SFF
  315. sffworld.com. Good coverage of science fiction and fantasy. SFF
  316. SF Site. Extensive review coverage. SFF
  317. SFReader.com. Reviews of science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels. SFF
  318. Shelfari.com (owned by Amazon, you can click thru to buy in an instant – and like Goodreads has the benefit of “groups” where you can find your reading tribe)
  319. ShelfAwareness.com (co-founded by long-time P/W executive editor, John Mutter, delivers e-news too, with reader and trade versions)
  320. SheWolfReads.com (She-Wolf Reads reviews books with strong paranormal elements and will accept most books under the umbrella of speculative fiction.)
  321. Simple Wyrdings (From the reviewer: In my fifties. I have dogs, I raise chickens and guinea fowl, and I read. A lot. Fiction: Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, YA)
  322. Slate Book Review. Monthly book section at Slate.
  323. Slashdot. Technology-oriented, usefully include extensive reader comments.
  324. Small Press Review, PO Box 100, Paradise, CA 95967www.dustbooks.com. Poetry and fiction only.
  325. Speculative Fiction in Translation. Rachel S. Cordasco's coverage of speculative fiction in translation. SFF
  326. Speedy Reader (Genres of most interest to me are thrillers/mysteries (but not cozies), science, science fiction, history, and biography. Anything with explicit love scenes, politics, poetry, and self-help will turn me right off, so don’t bother sending it. I’m also not very interested in paranormal or dystopian stories, teen angst, or stuff about high school, and I’m currently not accepting romance or YA.)
  327. spike. Over 200 reviews, literary focus.
  328. St. Louis Post-Dispatch.. Decent coverage of current titles.
  329. Stranger Writings (Aam Smith reviews all genres)
  330. Stephanie's Book Reports (Fiction: Romance, NA, YA)
  331. Story Mummy (reviews children's books)
  332. Strange Horizons. "A weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction." SFF
  333. Stuff. New Zealand, with reviews from The Dominion Post and The Press
  334. Susan Stepney. Decent selection. SFF
  335. Swedish Book Review. Interesting but limited general coverage, in English
  336. Sydney Anglicans. General interest fiction.
  337. Tangled Web. Ca. 1000 reviews. Annoying frames, but good coverage.
  338. Technology and Society. Good coverage of books related to technology and society.
  339. Telegraph. Daily and Sunday Telegraph. Good review coverage, very good archive.
  340. [tk] reviews. Monthly, with several reviews in each issue.
  341. The Age. Australian. Good coverage.
  342. The Agony Column. Reviews and commentary.
  343. The Atlantic Monthly. Relatively few reviews, but good archive (including "classic" reviews) and other literary articles and interviews -- but nothing fully freely accessible.
  344. The Australian.. Very good coverage, Australian focus.
  345. The Asian Review of Books. "specializing not just in books published in Asia but also on international titles of particular interest to readers in Asia".
  346. The Avid Reader (Romance in the following subgenres: paranormal, fantasy, western, dystopian, highlander)
  347. The Bactra Review. Over 100 reviews. Serious, eclectic.
  348. The Barcelona Review. Good, small archive, interesting selection
  349. The Bewitched Reader (Ana Esteves reviews all genres)
  350. The Bloomsbury Review (“The Bloomsbury Review is cause for celebration by anyone who cares about books and literature. At a time when newspapers and magazines across the country are cutting back on their book review pages, The Bloomsbury Review has become a national treasure.”—Pat Schroeder, former President and CEO, Association of American Publishers)
  351. The Bookbag (Publishes book reviews on their site, with links to the books on Amazon.)
  352. The Book Barn. E-mail book discussion list with extensive review archive.
  353. The Book Brothel. Over 100 reviews, mainly popular fiction.
  354. The Canary Review (“Sci-f-, fantasy, with a special love of space opera, sword & sorcery, and urban fantasy. Please, no horror/thrillers. YA/new adult okay, but not junior.”) 
  355. The Coffin Factory. "The magazine for people who love books". Good review coverage.
  356. The Complete Review. extensive links to and quotes from outside reviews. (4288 titles as of 12/2018.)
  357. The "Constant Critic". "tri-weekly poetry reviews".
  358. The Creative Pen (Not sure they do reviews, but they do have a lot of tools for writers)
  359. The Critical Flame. "A Journal of Literature and Culture". Bi-monthly.
  360. The Danforth Review. Limited number of reviews.
  361. The Economist. Current articles accessible, good archive (but reviews only accessible to subscribers after a while), interesting selection of books.
  362. The Fantasy Hive fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other speculative fiction reviews
  363. The Globe & Mail. Canadian. Good book section.
  364. The Guardian. The site of The Guardian and The Observer, an excellent general book site with good reviews and coverage of contemporary British literature. Highly recommended.
  365. The Haunted Grave Books (I like to review YA best. But I am open to any genre that will spark my interest.)
  366. The Hindu. Mainly contemporary Indian literature -- including reviews of regional-language books.
  367. The Independent. Good reviews and articles, extensive archives now readily accessible.
  368. The Jerusalem Post. Good, broad coverage.
  369. The Law and Politics Book Review. Good reviews of legal and political titles.
  370. The Law Society Gazette. Extensive specialized reviews.
  371. The Lupa Schwartz Mystery Blog (Mystery, Science fiction (not fantasy). I am not particularly interested in the horror genre, but I could be persuaded to review a good zombie story. Vampires of the non-sparkly variety might also warrant a review.)
    1. The Los Angeles Times. Good reviews, content freely accessible (but only for two weeks).
    2. The Mad Reviewer (All, Young Adult. I don't review erotica, spiritual or religious fiction/nonfiction, poetry and any unpublished works. I'm open to most genres, but crime, detective and horror fiction are not my preferences.)
    3. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Small. Decent coverage of new US publications.
    4. The Missouri Review. Small number of reviews.
    5. The Modern Novel. "The world-wide literary novel from early 20th century on"
    6. The National. UAE-based, but excellent all-around books coverage.
    7. The New Rambler. "Reviews of books about ideas, including literary fiction"..
    8. The New Republic. Good archive, interesting long reviews.
    9. The New York Journal of Books. Daily reviews.
    10. The New York Review of Books. Excellent clear, simple site design. Some articles from the current print version freely accessible.
    11. The New York Review of Science Fiction. Limited reviews from print issue available online. SFF
    12. The New York Sun. Good literary coverage [but no new reviews being added], and the excellent and extensive archive is now freely accessible.
    13. The New York Times. Great archive, much of which is freely accessible, but recent and current content generally registration-requiring.
    14. The Omnivore. "Criticism digested", decent selection of books, but not updated/inactive for a while now.
    15. The Onion. Solid reviews, good archive.
    16. The Oxonian Review of Books. "Features reviews of recently published books in literature, politics, science, and the arts". Relatively few reviews.
    17. The Philadelphia Inquirer. Good coverage of new US publications. Only recent reviews, freely accessible.
    18. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Good coverage of new books, archive with over 1000 reviews.
    19. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Decent coverage of new books.
    20. The Prairies Book Review paid and free review options ... We accept pre-publication manuscripts, galleys, uncorrected proofs, ARCs for pre-publication editorial reviews as PDF or DOC files. We also accept MOBI, KINDLE, EPUB versions of published/unpublished books.
      The Quarterly Conversation. Good reviews and longer literary essays.
    21. Publishers WeeklyPublishers Weekly, (Your Genre Here) 71 W 23rd St #1608, New York, NY 1001Submissions of two copies must be sent three months—preferably four—prior to the 1st day of the month of publication. Submit two copies of your title. Submissions of a single copy will not be considered. If you are a self-published author interested in submitting your book for review consideration, please do so via BookLife.
    22. The Reading Life (Fiction: Contemporary, Literary Fiction, Irish Literature, Post-Colonial Asian Fiction • Nonfiction: History)
    23. The Reading Life (2) (Anne Clarence reviews Young Adult, Dystopia, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance)
    24. The Reading Tub (A small group of parents and kids reviews all types of children's books. Rarely accepts books from authors and publishers; find out more about submissions HERE.)
    25. The Romance Reader. Good coverage of romance books. Over 5000 reviews.
    26. Thirst 4 Health (Andreas Michaelides reviews mostly non-fiction self-help books)
    27. The Scholarly Scribe Fantasy, Science Fiction, Christian. (See review policy for more discussion and details.)
    28. The Seattle Times. Good coverage of new books, good archive.
    29. The Second Circle. "A guide to contemporary literature". Interesting selection, but very small.
    30. The Spectator. Good review coverage and archive.
    31. The Star Tribune. Decent coverage of new titles.
    32. The Stranger. Limited coverage, good archive.
    33. The Uncustomary Book Review. "A Conversation with the Reader".
    34. The Village Voice. Only two or three reviews per week, but very good archive. See also Voice Literary Supplement, which barely stands apart from the rest of the site any longer.
    35. The Washington Independent Review of Books. Washington D.C. based, a solid selection of reviews.
    36. The Washington Post. Good coverage.
    37. The Washington Times. Small, limited coverage.
    38. The Writer's Alley (all genres)
    39. Time Out (London). Solid coverage of new titles.
    40. Time Out (New York). Decent coverage of new US titles.
    41. TLS. The marvelous Times Literary Supplement -- an invaluable publication, but very little freely accessible on site. A great resource if you're willing to register and pay.
    42. Tottenville Review. "A new review of books focused on debuts, translations, and all works that would otherwise go undetected."
    43. Top New Fantasy (Fantasy)
    44. Turn the Page (Paranormal, Chick Lit, YA, and others (see submission guidelines).)
    45. Two Doctors Media Collaborative (Science Fiction/Fantasy. "While we generally review science fiction and fantasy, we will review other genres if your story hooks us!")
    46. Unlimited Book Reviews (Fantasy or Science fiction. Must be available on Kindle Unlimited in the UK. No horror, no erotica, no vampires.)
    47. Up 'Til Dawn Book Blog ("I review most subgenres of Romance: Contemporary, Historical, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, YA, NA, & Erotica.")
    48. Urban Book Reviews (Romance, Cozy Mystery)
    49. USA Today. Decent coverage of current, popular writing.
    50. Verse magazine's webspace. Blog format less than ideal, but good coverage.
    51. View from the Sixth Floor (all genres)
    52. Wall Street Journal. Decent limited coverage.
    53. What I've Been Reading. "Comments on books from Bob Corbett". Small, but good selection of literary titles.
    54. WeFancyBooks (by invitation only, Young Adult Book Blog, I asked for my invite via twitter: @WeFancyBooks)
    55. What Emma Read Next All genres. ("Don't review erotica and prefer not to do vampires either.")
    56. What is Life Without Books (Aly reviews all genres)
    57. Wired, 520 Third St., Suite 305, San Francisco, CA 94107 PITCHES submit@wired.com Angela Watercutter is a senior editor at WIRED covering pop culture. She also serves as the publication's deputy bureau chief in New York. Prior to joining WIRED she was a reporter for the Associated Press. Watercutter was also a senior editor of Longshot magazine and a contributor to Pop-Up Magazine.... Read more
    58. Wishful Endings (Fiction: Children’s, Christian Romance, Clean Romance, YA • Nonfiction: Crafting, Gardening, Hobby Titles, Interior Design, Movies, Music Albums, Sewing)
    59. World Literature Today. Premier review forum for international and translated literature,; improved online presence.
    60. Writerbee's Book Reviews (All ("Science fiction, Fantasy, and Short Stories go to the top of my list, but I will review a little bit of everything, including Poetry. I am not likely to review any Erotica.")
    61. Writer's Digest (I'm told they have lots of tools, including reviews, but couldn't find the direct link)
    62. Writers Pay it Forward (one-time, free book promotion; lots of helpful tools & articles beyond reviews; @BookPizzazz on twitter)
    63. Writing-World.com (One way to generate publicity for your book is to get it reviewed. But how exactly does one go about it? The obvious answer seems to be to simply mail out copies of your book, but chances are good that your potential reviewers are already being inundated with books and review requests. I recently surveyed writers to find out what their review experiences were like, and to find out what advice they could share.)
    64. You and I Books ("The genres that I mainly review are fantasy and thrillers. I will consider all genres except erotica or romance but it has to be presented well by the authors and have something that intrigues me. If there is a lack of effort in the approach e-mail for a genre I am not as interested in then the author has little hope of me looking at it.")
    65. Young Adult Books Central (Kimberly Pauley reviews print or e-books with a concentration on YA/Middle-Grade fiction, though picture or kid's books are accepted. Also publishes author interviews and bios.)
      TIP* Turn to Google to find bloggers who review books similar to yours. Try various searches such as the name of your genre (e.g. YA, poetry, American history, vampire fiction) followed by one of these phrases: book blog, book blogger, book reviews, book review blog, book review blogger. Try various combinations and think of some of your own, investigate the results, and you’re bound to come up with some good ones.
      (220 as of 3/2/19)

      (Tips of what to do and not do found on Empty Mirror Books.)


      Be Aware of: Amazon's Elite Reviewing Club Sabotaged My Book

      Amazon Vine Review 2019: Legit or Scam?

      What to do:
      1. Do your research.
      Only contact reviewers who are interested in reviewing the type of books you have written. (See below for some good places to find the right reviewers.)

      2. Read their review policy.
      Do they only want e-books, or printed books? What genres are they currently interested in reading? Are they currently accepting new books for review? Check out their rules, and follow them.

      3. Write a personalized email to the potential reviewer.

      No one likes to get a form letter, or spam. Use a salutation, and their name – not just “Hi” or “Dear reviewer,” but rather, “Dear Jane Smith” or at least “Dear Jane.” If there’s no personal name listed, use their username.

      Tell the reviewer who you are, how you found them, a little bit about your book, when it will be published. Tell them that if they’re interested, you’d be glad to send them a copy. Specify what format the book will be in (which ebook format, printed book, or if they will have a choice). Thank them for their time and consideration, and say that you look forward to hearing from them. Then sign it, with your full name.
      Don’t forget the subject line, either: emails with the subject “Review Inquiry” or “Review Request” will get a better response as they make it easy to identify what your message is about.
      4. Before sending your email, spell-check and proofread.
      Errors leave a poor impression and make the reviewer less likely to accept your book. They’ll figure your book is full of typos, too.
      5. The ultimate purpose of a review isn’t to please you.

      Books with reviews do tend to sell better. However, it’s important to understand that reviewers ultimately aren’t written for the author’s benefit. They’re written for the potential reader to give them enough information so that they can make a purchasing decision.

      What not to do:
      1. If they do accept the book, don’t expect the reviewer to guarantee a review.

      Reviewers don’t accept books they have no intention of reviewing, but sometimes they may not be able to – or wish to – eventually review it. That’s OK. They’re not the only reviewer out there. Move on.

      2. Don’t expect, or ask for, a positive review.

      No reviewer can promise this. Any reviewer worth approaching has integrity and will always post an honest review, whether one star or five. (As people’s opinions will naturally vary, there’s often something fishy when books have only five-star reviews, anyway.)

      3. Don’t ask the reviewer to promise a review to be published on or near a particular date.

      (Do feel free to tell the reviewer the date of your book’s publication.) Please understand that most reviewers have a big stack of books to review. Reviews take more time than you might think. The reviewer reads the book – maybe more than once – takes notes, then writes and posts the review. You’re asking them to do at least several hours of work for you, on their own time, for free. And they’re not doing it for money, but rather for the love of books, and of reviewing.

      This is why you can’t expect a promise of a review by a certain date (or even at all). It’s understandable that you’re anxious for the reviews to start rolling in, but just hang tight, keep soliciting reviews, and one day you’ll have a bunch of them.
      4. Never offer payment for a review.

      All an honest reviewer will accept is the book itself. Don’t offer a bribe! Paid reviews are not allowed on any reputable websites and can get the reviewer – and sometimes yourself – in a world of trouble, and banned from review websites.

      5. Don’t expect an answer to your query.

      I know – that almost seems unreasonable, doesn’t it, not to expect the reviewer to reply. The reason that some don’t reply is that many reviewers – especially popular and highly-ranked ones – get so many review queries that it takes too much time to reply to them all. So, they wind up only replying to those they have an interest in reviewing.

      6. If a potential reviewer declines to review your book, take it graciously.

      Don’t ask why, try to change their mind, or pester them. Stay on good terms – reply briefly with thanks for their time and consideration. Who knows, perhaps they’ll review your next book.

      7. After a review is published, don’t comment on the review.

      Not even if you disagree with it. Even if the reviewer says something terribly wrong, even factually wrong. Even if they say it’s the best book they’ve ever read. Or the worst! Commenting can make you look petty, overbearing or argumentative, and can turn potential readers against you, ensuring they never read your book. Just. Don’t. Do. It. Ever. (Here’s why.)

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